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Stunning 2.18 ct Lab Grown Diamond 14k Ring - GIA Certified VS1 G Center - 0.38 ctw Pave Diamonds

Stunning 2.18 ct Lab Grown Diamond 14k Ring - GIA Certified VS1 G Center - 0.38 ctw Pave Diamonds

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Welcome to Kirsikka Jewelry, Gainesville's #1 custom jeweler! We are delighted to present this exquisite 14k ring, featuring a stunning lab-grown diamond that is sure to captivate anyone's heart.

At the center of this enchanting ring, you will find a magnificent round brilliant cut lab-grown diamond, weighing an impressive 2.18 carats. This diamond boasts exceptional clarity and is classified as VS1 by the esteemed Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The GIA certification ensures the authenticity and quality of this dazzling gem.

The center diamond's color is a mesmerizing G, radiating a captivating brilliance that will make it the center of attention wherever you go. Its ethically grown origin adds an element of sustainability and responsibility to this luxurious piece.

Surrounding the center stone is a delicate pave setting, meticulously crafted and adorned with 118 hand-set diamonds. These pave diamonds have a combined total weight of 0.38 carats, and like the center stone, they also boast impressive clarity, rated at VS and exhibit a color grade of G, adding a brilliant sparkle that complements the center diamond beautifully.

Crafted with utmost precision and passion by our expert artisans at Kirsikka Jewelry, this ring is a symbol of exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to providing our customers with the finest jewelry pieces.

Whether you're looking for an exquisite engagement ring, a memorable anniversary gift, or simply a piece of jewelry that exudes elegance and sophistication, this 14k ring with its mesmerizing lab-grown diamond and meticulously hand-set pave diamonds is the perfect choice.

Treat yourself or a loved one to a truly extraordinary piece of jewelry that will be cherished for generations to come. With this ring from Kirsikka Jewelry, you're not only getting a breathtaking piece but also supporting ethical and sustainable practices in the jewelry industry.

Own a true masterpiece, and experience the beauty and brilliance of lab-grown diamonds with this remarkable 14k ring from Kirsikka Jewelry, Gainesville's most trusted custom jeweler.

All diamonds sold by Eco-Chic are of the best quality:

Lab-grown certified: VS-SI1, E/F/G

Natural mined certified: VS-SI1

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